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‍‍‍"Then a guy like‍‍‍ Peter Lowe comes along who's very humble and has personal integrity and works hard to put together something that's going to help people."

‍‍‍Naomi Judd, Country music singer‍‍‍

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What Others Have Said About Peter Lowe

‍‍‍"Peter Lowe's vision of success and concept of success is really ins‍‍‍piring people all across the country. What a great job he does. He's both an entrepreneur and a man with a message."

President H.W. Bush, 41st President of the United States of America

‍‍‍                      Lou Holtz, Football coach and ‍‍‍commentator

"I can't begin to tell you, Peter, how much I appreciate the contribution that you have made to the success and happiness of our family. You are a special person, and I genuinely appreciate you."

"I started 3 churches in Iowa with people from Peter's events‍‍‍."‍‍‍

Jim Koopman, Pastor‍‍‍

Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich honored Mr. Peter Lowe as 2010 Businessman of the Year. "Mr. Lowe…has succeeded in the face of adversity and‍‍‍ economic turmoil…"

‍‍‍"(I want you to know) how much we admire the results accomplished ‍‍‍in the Body of Christ because of [Peter's] Success Seminars."

‍‍‍Kenneth Copeland‍‍‍

"I commend you on the work that you are doing."

‍‍‍‍‍‍Thomas Monaghan, Founder‍‍‍, Domi‍‍‍no's Pizza

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Billy Grah‍‍‍am

"You did a tremendous job as Crusade Chair. There is no way to really express my personal appreciation to you for all that you did in preparation for the Tampa Bay Crusade. Without you, there wouldn't have been a Crusade!"

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"Peter, thank you for adding a new dimension to my life. I know God will continue to bless and smile on you."

Debbi Fields, Mrs. Fields Cookies

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"I'm proud to be identified with you by serving on your International Advisory Council. Keep on doing what you're doing, the Lord is surely using you."   Luis Palau

"Many thanks for your thoughtful comments to me. I hope to see you again soon." B‍‍‍enjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel



The SOUL ‍‍‍is more importan‍‍‍t than the GOAL."


Peter Lo‍‍‍we

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